He seems kinda shy, but he’s cute!

((emil, shelby, ralph, maria, and emma have now been added to the character pages! :D go check them out!))


((i’ve put up a NEW PAGE listing all of the characters that i currently have plans to introduce, along with their names and school groups. that way it should be a bit easier to ask questions about future characters!

also, you may have noticed there are a few characters who have shown up in a post or two but haven’t been put on the character pages yet—i’m working on that now! so expect to see them pretty shortly. :3 i’ll make another post to let you know when i’ve put them up.))


((hey everyone, i think i’m gonna have to call an official hiatus for my ask blogs at the moment. as you may have noticed, i haven’t exactly been around much lately… the past month or so has been pretty busy for me, and now i’ve got a job and i still have a bunch of commissions to get to… so i don’t really have much free time anymore. plus, lately i haven’t been feeling too great about drawing for a number of reasons, and the thought of updating my ask blogs has been feeling more and more like a chore. so i’ve decided it’s for the best to take a break from them for a while.

i will be back sooner or later, but i’m not sure how long it’ll be. i just need to take some time to draw things for myself & learn how to enjoy it again, and hopefully by the time i come back i’ll be reinvigorated and ready to take on the awesome ideas i have in store for all of you. :)

so yeah, i’m sorry to take yet another break, but i hope you all understand. THANK YOU for always being so supportive, like for real i basically have the coolest followers ever?? you all ROCK. i hope to be back soon!))

What did she tell you?!!