HIATUS (again)

((hey everyone, it’s been over a month since the last update & i’ve gotten a few messages asking where i am/why i haven’t updated, so i guess it’s time to officially call another hiatus. my last hiatus post sums it up pretty well if you want an explanation. i’ve also turned off asks for now, since getting messages about it has been stressing me out. i’m really sorry, it bums me out to do this, but i will be back. i’m just not sure exactly when right now.

i’ll still be posting to my art blog, if you’re interested. and if you really want to message me, you can still do so through my main blog. just please don’t ask when i’ll be back to my ask blogs, because i don’t know. sorry again, i hope you all understand. hopefully i’ll be back soon.))

((sorry for two ooc posts in a row, but i’ve got a bunch of ooc asks that have been piling up for a while, so i decided it’s about time i answered them! check under the read more for the answers to your questions!))

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